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Global Online Qualifier

The goal of Less Than 5 is to represent wakeboarding via moves that are smooth and stylish. This is the key criteria the judges will be looking for. Make it look proper.

Qualifier Schedule:

9/8 – Line Submissions Open
9/20 – Line Submissions Due

Global Online Qualifier Rules:

  • Each rider will enter their single best consecutive 5 trick line. There can be no breaks or edits in this video line submission.
  • Every trick must be less than a 540 degree move, no standard inverted or dangling (Raley) moves will be scored. It’s pretty simple; straight airs, 180’s, and 360’s only. No inverts, no raleys, no 5’s, 7’s, 9’s, etc.
  • One of your 5 tricks must be a straight Method (no rotations – take off forward and land forward)
  • Rewind moves are allowed as long as the sum (360-180 = 180) of the spinning is 360 degrees or less. BUT, keep in mind – The goal of Less Than 5 is to make wakeboarding moves look smooth and stylish … More is not necessarily always better


Global Online Qualifier Video Submission Info:

  • Have your cinematographer shoot from the middle of the inside the boat in HD (4K 60fps or 1080 60fps) any current iPhone can shoot in this quality, but an actual video camera is always better.
  • Have your driver drive into the sun so that you are lit properly
  • File naming convention: RiderfirstnameRiderlastname.LessThan5
  • Videos will be run at full speed when judged and when placed online
  • As this is a judged event we are looking for continuity, please adhere to these simple standards.

Global Online Qualifier ENTRIES

  • Each prospective qualifier must register online – REGISTER HERE
  • Each prospective qualifier to upload their 1 consecutive 5 trick line – SUBMIT YOUR LINE HERE
  • Each rider’s 5 trick line will be posted in a heat on Alliancewake.com and judged accordingly
  • Once you submit your line you must also post it on your Instagram as a Reel and include the following tags – @alliancewake, @montaraboats, #lessthan5

Entry Deadline:

2023 Less Than 5 Presented by Montara Boats – Online qualifier entry due date:
Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 before 11:59 PM

Scoring Criteria:

For the Digital Qualifier – Each athlete will receive 4 scores for each run. Riders will receive 3 scores from top level wakeboard officials and one score from the spectator/fan vote. Each judge’s score will be worth 25 percent of the athlete’s overall score. The judges will give each athlete’s run a score from .1 to 10, the fan vote scores will be allotted based on placement in the fan vote hierarchy for that specific heat. The four scores will be summed and multiplied by 2.5 to come up with an overall score out of 100. Each judge will evaluate/analyze the athletes’ runs based on an overall impression and score them appropriately. Judges will be able to reward as well as penalize athletes according to the performance of their runs.

Please make sure you have read the Rules and Submission guidelines on this site and all of the information above BEFORE submitting your video.

Montara Boats


September 25, 2023 @ 12:00 am
October 1, 2023 @ 11:59 pm
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